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Journal Publications


1.     M. Brik, N. Bernstein, A. Capua, Microwave and spin transfer torque driven coherent control in ferromagnets. Under review in Phys Rev. B (2020).

2.     C. Garg, P. Filippou, A. Capua, S. Parkin, S. H. Yang, Metastable Platinum films with application to spin-orbit torque driven chiral domain wall motion, Phys. Rev. Applied 14, 034052 (2020).

3.     G. Eisenstein, J. P. Reithmaier, A. Capua, O. Karni, A. K. Mishra, S. Bauer, & I. Khanonkin. Coherent light matter interactions in nano structure based active semiconductor waveguides operating at room temperature, Applied Physics Reviews 6, 041317 (2019).  -Invited Review article on my work on coherent phenomena in semiconductors

4.     V. Mikhelashvili, G. Atiya, Y. Kauffmann, Y. Shneider, G. Ankonina, G. Zeevi, Y.Yaish, A.Capua, G.Eisenstein, “Non-volatile memory and negative photoconductivity in a metal-insulator-semiconductor diode with embedded Co nanoparticles” Journal of App. Physics. 123, 224506 (2018).

5.     K. Banerjee-Ghosh, O. Ben Dor, F. Tassinari, E. Capua, S. Yochelis, A. Capua, S.-H. Yang, S. S. P. Parkin, S. Sarkar, L. Kronik, L. T. Baczewski, R. Naaman, and Y. Paltiel “Separation of enantiomers by their enantiospecific interaction with achiral magnetic substrates”, Science 360,  1331 (2018).

6.     A. Capua, C. Rettner, S. H. Yang, T. Phung, S. S. P. Parkin, “Ensemble-averaged Rabi oscillations in a ferromagnetic CoFeB film”, Nature Comm. 8, 16004 (2017).

7.     A. Capua, T. Wang, S.-H. Yang, C. Rettner, T. Phung, S. S. P. Parkin “Phase-Resolved Detection of the Spin Hall Angle by Optical Ferromagnetic Resonance in Perpendicularly Magnetized Thin Films”, Phys. Rev. B, 95,064401 (2017).

8.     O. Ben Dor, S. Yochelis, A. Radko, K. Vankayala, E. Capua, A. Capua, S.H. Yang, L. T. Baczewski, S. Parkin, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel, “Induced Magnetization Switching by Local Adsorption of Chiral Molecules on Ferromagnets”, Nature Comm. 8, 14567 (2017).  

9.     A. Capua, C. Rettner, S. S. P. Parkin, “Parametric Harmonic Generation as a Probe of Unconstrained Spin Magnetization Precession in the Shallow Barrier Limit”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 047204 (2016).  

10.  A. Capua, S. H. Yang, T. Phung, S. S. P. Parkin, “Determination of intrinsic damping of perpendicularly magnetized ultrathin films from time-resolved precessional magnetization measurements”, Phys. Rev. B. 92,224402 (2015). 

11.  G. Eisenstein, O. Karni,  A. K. Mishra, A. Capua, D. Gready, V. V. Sichkovskyi, V. Ivanov, J. P. Reithmaier,  “Time-scale-dependent nonlinear dynamics in InAs/InP quantum dot gain media: from high-speed modulation to coherent light–matter interactions” , IEEE Photon. J. 7, 0700407 (2015) – Invited Review

12.  A. Capua, O. Karni, G. Eisenstein, V. Sichkovskyi, V. Ivanov, J. P. Reithmaier, “Coherent control in a semiconductor optical amplifier operating at room temperature”, Nature Comm. 5, 5025, (2014). 

13.  A. Capua, O. Karni, G. Eisenstein, J. P. Reithmaier, “Rabi oscillations in a room-temperature quantum dash semiconductor optical amplifier” Phys. Rev. B 90, 045305 (2014). – Editors’ suggestion 
(Preprint , 2012)


14.  O. Karni, K. J. Kuchar, A. Capua, V. Mikhelashvili, G. Sęk, J. Misiewicz, V. Ivanov, J. P. Reithmaier, G. Eisenstein, Carrier dynamics in inhomogeneously broadened InAs/AlGaInAs/InP quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers, Appl. Phys. Lett., 104, 121104, (2014).

15.  O. Karni, A. Capua, G. Eisenstein, V. Sichkovskyi, V. Ivanov, J. P. Reithmaier, “ Rabi oscillations and self-induced transparency in InAs/InP quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier operating at room temperature”, Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 22, pp. 26786-26796 (2013).

16.  A. Marynski, G. Sek, A. Musiał, J. Andrzejewski, J. Misiewicz, C. Gilfert, J. P. Reithmaier, A. Capua, O. Karni, D. Gready, G. Eisenstein, G. Atiya, W. D. Kaplan, S. Kolling, “Electronic structure, morphology and emission polarization of enhanced symmetry InAs quantum-dot-like structures grown on InP substrates by molecular beam epitaxy”, Journal of Applied Physics 114, 094306 (2013).

17.  O. Karni, A. Capua, G. Eisenstein, D. Franke, J. Kreissl, H. Kuenzel, D. Arsenijević, H. Schmeckebier, M. Stubenrauch, M. Kleinert, D. Bimberg, C. Gilfert, J. P Reithmaier. “Nonlinear pulse propagation in a quantum dot laser”, Optics Express. Vol. 21, Issue 5, pp. 5715–5736 (2013).

18.  A. Capua, O. Karni, G. Eisenstein, “A Finite Difference Time Domain Model for Quantum Dot Lasers and Amplifiers in the Maxwell-Schrödinger Framework”, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 19, 1900410 (2013). 

19.  A. Capua, O. Karni, G. Eisenstein, K. Yvind, J. P. Reithmaier, “Extreme nonlinearities in nanowire InP semiconductor gain media: the two-photon induced laser”, Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 6, pp. 5987-5992 (2012).

20.  A. Capua, A. Saal, O. Karni, G. Eisenstein, J. P. Reithmaier and Kresten Yvind, “Complex characterization of short-pulse propagation through InAs/InP quantum-dash optical amplifiers: from the quasi-linear to the two-photon-dominated regime”, Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 1, pp. 347-353 (2012).

21.  A. Capua, G. Eisenstein, J. P. Reithmaier, “Ultrafast cross saturation dynamics in inhomogeneously broadened InAs/InP quantum dash optical amplifiers” Applied physics letters, Vol. 98, Issue 10, 101108 (2011). 

22.  A. Capua, G. Eisenstein, J. P. Reithmaier, “A nearly instantaneous gain response in quantum dash based optical amplifiers” Applied physics letters, Vol. 97, Issue 13, 131108 (2010). 


23.  A. Capua, S. O'Duill, V. Mikhelashvili, G. Eisenstein, J.P. Reithmaier, A. Somers, A. Forchel, “Cross talk free multi channel processing of 10 Gbit/s data via four wave mixing in a 1550 nm InAs/InP quantum dash amplifier”, Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 23, pp. 19072-19077, (2008).

24.  C. Meuer, J. Kim, M. Laemmlin, S. Liebich, D. Bimberg, A. Capua, G. Eisenstein, R. Bonk, T. Vallaitis, J. Leuthold, A. R. Kovsh, I. L. Krestnikov, “40 GHz small-signal cross-gain modulation in 1.3  µm quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers” Applied physics letters, Vol. 93, Issue 5, 051110, (2008).

25.  C. Meuer, J.Kim, M. Laemmlin, S.Liebich, D. Bimberg A. Capua, G. Eisenstein, “Static Gain Saturation in Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers”, Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 11, pp. 8269-8279, (2008).

26.  A. Capua, V. Mikhelashvili G. Eisenstein , J.P. Reithmaier, A. Somers, A. Forchel  M. Calligaro, O. Parillaud, M. Krakowski, “Direct observation of the coherent spectral hole in the noise spectrum of a saturated InAs/InP quantum dash amplifier operating near 1550  nm”, Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 3, pp. 2141-2146 (2008).   

27.  A. Capua, L. Rozenfeld, V. Mikhelashvili, G. Eisenstein, M. Kuntz, M. Laemmlin, and D. Bimberg, “Low noise quantum dot lasers” picked up by Nature Photonics, Vol. 1, pp. 383 - 383 (2007).

28.     A. Capua, L. Rozenfeld, V. Mikhelashvili, G. Eisenstein, M. Kuntz, M. Laemmlin, D. Bimberg, “Direct correlation between a highly damped modulation response and ultra low relative intensity noise in an InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser”,  Optics Express, Vol. 15, Issue 9, pp. 5388-5393 (2007).

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